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Creditors cant pay wizzcash payday loan

Published on September 17th, 2014 | by FinanceLoophole


Can’t Pay WizzCash Payday Loan – Don’t Panic

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Struggling To Pay Your Wizzcash Payday Loan? is a payday lender who will arrange a short term loan for you up to £200 for a period of 90 days for first time lenders. At the end of this loan period you will have paid a total of £291.18 back to wizzcash in 3 equal instalments. They charge a fixed rate of interest at £291% per year. That’s a staggering 993% as a representative APR. Once you have an established repayment record with them they will lend you up to a maximum of £1000 over a 3 or 12 month period. If you cant pay wizzcash, here’s what to do …

Problems With Wizzcash? Tell Us about it

According to the information on their website they don’t see the benefit of squeezing any extra money out of you by prolonging the debt period with minimum repayment options or tempting you to take out more money than you need. Nor will they apparently catch you out with technical jargon or hidden costs. Straightforward, sensible solutions are what they say they excel at. If you have a different impression of Wisscash payday loan company we would love to hear about it – please leave a review on our wizzcash  review page.

What You Need To Do If You Cannot Pay Wizzcash

I have not been able to pay my wizzcash debts and my loan company is threatening me with the bailiffs to take my stuff – what can I do?

First of all don’t panic! it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with the problem of repaying a debt and the possibility of it growing rapidly. It does not need to be something you need to deal with alone as it a common problem people deal with and not something you need to be worried about. A few simple steps can relieve you of the problem and put your mind at rest.

Always remember that it is in the payday lenders interest to make sure you are able to repay the loan, so they will do just about anything to ensure you are in a position to help you to make the repayments or even to drop the debt altogether.

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If you have had a good look around this website and still cannot find the advice or help you are looking for I would advise that you either contact me directly using the form on the right hand side of this page. Or if you prefer you could ask the debt management company that we work closely with to help you. Just click on Bright Debt Solutions and they will be sure to get you sorted out quickly.

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