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Creditors cant pay very catalogue debt

Published on June 12th, 2015 | by FinanceLoophole


Can’t Pay Very Catalogue Debt? Help is at hand

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As one of the biggest fashion, homeware, electrical and general online retail outlets in the UK, Very looked to increase their appeal to customers of all financial means by offering a credit system similar to that of retail heavyweight, Littlewoods. They are popular and their mail order card is a convenient way to shop – until you can’t pay Very catalogue debt.

While this lets customers buy items from the Very catalogue that they wouldn’t have the cash for at the time, there are risks that come with this kind of finance – in particular the interest rates. The Very catalogue offers finance at a representative APR of 39.9%, that’s significantly more than what you’ll be charged for using most mid-range credit cards. The result? Like Littlewoods, Very catalogue debt is increasing, and if you aren’t careful, that shopping spree could cause a headache.

When you can’t pay Very catalogue debt, the problems can spiral quite quickly. Some users have reported between ten and twenty aggressive calls from creditors a day* until debts are settled, others find themselves helpless against interest rates which only increase the amount owed month on month.   Before you know it, your catalogue debt has you backed into a corner. But there are ways to get out of it!

If you are having problems with your Very catalogue debt we can help you – just fill in this form with your details and we will get back to you.

Top 5 Very Catalogue Debt Tips

What is the best thing to do if you can’t pay your Very catalogue debt? We recommend these five simple steps.

  1. Make sure the catalogue debt you are liable for is a correct amount and that you actually owe it
    Are you actually responsible for the debt? Is it a family member or partner who is responsible for the bill that you are being charged with? On top of that, if you are under 18, credit agreements can’t be enforced against you, even if you lied about your age to get the credit. Also, be aware that some catalogue debt may not be enforceable if it was issues unfairly. Did you have enough chance to consider all the necessary information, or the contract? We recommend checking with your local trading standards office if you’re unsure about this.
  1. If you have other debts as well as catalogue debt, prioritise them!
    If you have more than one kind of debt that you are being hassled for, you should prioritise them. Focus on paying the big debts that could present severe legal issues, such as mortgages, council tax or secured loans. Smaller debts such as Very catalogue debt could land you in county court (not criminal!) and order you to pay a set amount each month based on what you can afford, but after that the creditors can’t demand anything further, and they will stop hassling you too.
  1. Don’t ignore creditors. Talk to them and explain your situation
    If you can’t pay your Very catalogue debt, or any other kind of similar debt. It may be tempting to ignore all of the phone calls that the creditors will make to try and get the money from you. If you are having issues making repayments, though, do not ignore them. Call them and let them know you are having difficulties. They may be able to help; this could be by freezing interest while you sort out financial issues. They will be much more likely to take legal action if they believe you are deliberately avoiding the repayments.
  1. If the problem is more serious. Maybe consider a debt management plan
    A debt management plan can be applied to many kinds of debt. They are designed to help people manage their debts and pay them off in ways that are more affordable; this is usually done by introducing lower monthly payments. A debt management company may also be able to reduce the number of phone calls you receive from creditors, freeze interest, or reduce charges too.
  1. And finally, don’t panic!
    By taking the right directions or speaking to the right people, your Very catalogue debt doesn’t need to be crippling, despite any interest you might also be getting charged. One of the most important rules of getting out of this kind of debt is to not panic. No matter how bad your debt gets, there is nearly always a way out.

These are just five things to consider if you can’t pay your Very catalogue debt, or any other kind of catalogue debt. But the help doesn’t stop there.

 Very Catalogue Administration Orders

If your Very catalogue debts get to a stage where the above points don’t help you, an administration order may be able to help. This is a way of consolidating your debts, putting them all together and making just one monthly payment to the court. The court will then distribute it to your creditors. Keep in mind that administration orders can apply only to debts less than £5000. It stops your creditors taking any further action against you, providing you keep up with your monthly payments.

Complaints Or Questions?

If you have a complaint to make or a question to ask Very, relating to your catalogue debt or anything else relating to your experiences, you can contact them in a number of ways.

  • Contact them on Facebook or Twitter, though it is not advised to discuss issues relating to credit in a public forum. They may ask you to call them by phone.
  • You can call their service query line on 0344 822 2321, but please be aware the call will be charged. Check the website for details of charges.
  • They also have an online contact form through their website that is free to use if you don’t mind waiting for a response.

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