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Creditors cant pay perfect home finance debt

Published on July 19th, 2016 | by FinanceLoophole


Can’t Pay PerfectHome Bill

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What Can I do If I’m struggling and Can’t Pay My PerfectHome Debt?

The first thing you need to know if you are having problems paying PerfectHouse (the trading name of Temple Finance) is that you are not alone! don’t panic – we can help you. Don’t let your debt get to you. Whilst no doubt your debt is a big deal to you – with our help it can be easily fixed.

PerfectHome is a chain of high street buy-now-pay-later, hire purchase stores located throughout the UK. While they sell themselves as a hire purchase store they are actually a finance company called Temple Finance who specialise in providing high interest loans to people who cannot get reasonable interest rate loan terms elsewhere. They enable people to buy household items such as white goods, entertainment systems, furniture, technology and gaming systems with these loans.

If you are reading this it’s probably too late to point this out now but PerfectHome are an expensive way to borrow money to pay for household  goods. Their interest rate is now advertised at 69.8% APR. This can mean that a washing machine that had a ticket price of £310 on it will cost £622.44 if your repayments are spread over three years. Add on top of this their compulsory insurance (if you don’t already have your own) and the optional PerfectCare – add £450 to the cost of ownership of the washing machine – making a £310 washing machine cost a massive total of £1072 – over 3 times the ticket price of the item. So make sure you do the maths before you buy anything from PerfectHome as there are cheaper options out there.

While it can be an idea for some people finding it hard to get credit at a reasonable price elsewhere to buy goods on a buy-now-pay-later basis, it can encourage people who are already finding it very hard to make ends meet to get into even more debt. This is why there have been many calls recently for the Rent-To-Own sector to be regulated more closely as the payday loan companies have been recently. Many think that the Rent-To-Own sector has started to fill the gap left by payday loan companies since they were more highly regulated in 2015.

With a Rent-To-Own agreement – a customer takes out a credit agreement to buy a product, and then pay weekly instalments until they own it – similar to hire purchase agreements.

Can’t Pay PerfectHome – What Are My Options?

Under the consumer credit act – If you have paid 1/3 of the total cost of the agreement Perfect Homes can only repossess your goods if they get a Return of Goods order from the court. When the case goes to court you will then have an opportunity to make an offer of repayment and possibly a Time Order which changes how much you pay each month and any interest charged on the agreement. Seeking specialist advice if you plan to do this is recommended.

You should also look at the possibilities of to reducing the weekly repayment costs by cancelling any warranties or insurance on the item – you will need to check the contract carefully before doing that and you may need to arrange added insurance if you do not have your own contents insurance (which must include insurance for hire purchase items you have in your home)

The first thing to do if you realise you will not be able to make your payments is to contact your Perfect Homes store manager or their customer support – let them know you are having problems making your repayments. They should work with you to make sure you have an affordable repayment plan. In our experience if you contact them before you have a missed payment they will be more likely to agree to a reduced repayment plan. It is never a good idea to ignore debt – it will be unlikely to just go away and it could make things considerably more uncomfortable for your finances if you do.

Even if you are at the stage of being taken to court it’s not too late to look for help so don’t despair. If you are having problems with your Prefect Home bills we can help you – just fill in this form with your details and we will get back to you.

Can PerfectHome Take Me To Court?

The easy answer to this is yes they can – if you have broken your credit agreement with them by not paying and refusing to return their goods that are not paid for they are perfectly within their rights to take you to court to get payment.

You can of course avoid this by returning the goods you can no longer pay for. This can be easier said than done when you have already paid back well in excess of the ticket price of the item that you are having difficulty paying for – and is especially difficult when its a child’s bed or the family sofa.

If you go to court for non-payment this will be affected your future credit rating badly. Any County Court Judgements (CCJs) or ‘enforcing a debt by diligence’ in Scotland will badly affect your credit rating – you may not care much about this now but it could severely impact your ability to get affordable credit in the future (eg. new mobile phone contract, car finance or mortgage).

Can PerfectHome Send In The Bailiffs

No, PerfectHome do not have bailiffs and have no right of entry to your property without first obtaining a court order. You should always do something to make sure it does not get to this point before the courts are involved. PerfectHome will contact you if you have not made a payment but they should always be courteous to you and work with you to find a reasonable repayment schedule.

If you fail to make payments you are likely to be  hounded at you door by the shop debt recovery staff. These are not Bailiffs as many people think and they have no right of entry so do not invite them in. If you do not return the goods or make payments your debt then gets passed onto the area recovery manager and then the debt is written off in a lot of cases. That does not mean you are off the hook as the written off debt is sold on to a third party company to collect and most of these companies will accept whatever you can afford to pay weekly or monthly.

If it does go to court then they will probably be given permission to have their property repossessed by a bailiff – though this will depend on how much money is outstanding on your  hire purchase agreement. If over 2/3 has been paid on the outstanding debt it is likely that the court will find in your favour and let you keep the goods you have paid for.

Some debt advisers would also recommend that you should also send them a ‘Removal of Implied Rights’ notice too. You should also display the ‘Removal of Implied Rights‘ notice to the entrance of your home. However it is highly unlikely to make any difference as most bailiffs and debt collectors will ignore this and enter in any case. You do have the right to challenge them by taking them to court but you risk significant court costs so we don’t recommend this action. In any case if the bailiffs are called in they can only gain access to your property peacefully.

Hire purchase agreements with Perfect Home are regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

PerfectHome Debt Collectors In The News

At the beginning of 2015 Perfect Home was found guilty of aggressive and misleading selling practises because it failed to tell customers of the need to give a key to their home before they signed the hire purchase agreement.

PerfectHome responded that this was the result of a rogue store manager in Hull and this was not common company practise. Something the court refuted.

The all-party parliamentary group on debt and personal finance wants the regulator of this sector, the Financial Conduct Authority, to take action.

How To Make A Complaint About PerfectHome

PerfectHome say that you should contact your store manager and let them sort out your complaint. However in our experience we have found that the willingness for store managers to resolve issues effectively varies depedning on the particular store. If you have significant cause for complaint it’s always best to discuss it in writing to the head office.

You could send an email to their customer services at in the first instance to see if this gets a suitable response to your complaint. Make sure that the email says that you are making a complaint and be specific what your complaint is about. An email is unlikely to get more than a simple response from what we have been told.

It is normally more effective to contact their head office directly – make sure if it is a complaint

PerfectHome Head office Address
Temple Finance Ltd trading as PerfectHome
Coleshill Manor Office Campus
West Midlands
B46 1DL

Customer service team contact telephone number: 0800 0304 423

PerfectHome and Temple Retail Limited trading as PerfectHome are trading names for Temple Finance Limited. They are are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Reference Number 585474 and 609601 respectively.

They can also be contacted on facebook or Twitter @PerfectHomeUK – contacted them on Twitter can get a rapid response but remember not to send any personal information. 






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