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Creditors cant pay kaleidoscope bills

Published on July 27th, 2016 | by FinanceLoophole


Can’t Pay Kaleidoscope Bills

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Kaleidoscope is part of Grattan Plc chain of catalogue stores. We have had an increasing number of people coming to us recently who have said “I can’t pay my Kaleidoscope bills any more – what can I do?” We have gathered together some information that these people can find useful to help them get out of Kaleidoscope debt quickly.

Kaleidoscope offers credit up to £1000 to buy goods from it’s Grattan PLC catalogue website. This credit is offered with an interest rate of 34.94% APR variable – which is what many catalogue stores offer although some like Littlewoods – 0% APR and Next – 22.9% APR offer better credit terms. Following a credit search they may only offer credit terms as high as 39.9% APR if you have a low credit rating.

A representative example of the costs for goods ordered from Kaleidoscope totalling £1000 – if they were paid off 12 equal month instalments, the total charge for credit will be £183.86 and the total amount repayable will be £1183.86. This  includes the interest.

The extra costs on top of the items purchase can make these credit payments become un-affordable, especially if the original purchase repayment plan is spread over a longer time period than 12 months as the credit agreement is open-ended in duration. The smallest amount that should be paid on outstanding balances is 5% of your outstanding balance. This is subject to a £5 minimum.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Kaleidoscope Bill

The minimum you should pay each month is 5% of your outstanding amount or £5 depending which is larger. If you start to find it un-affordable due to a change in your personal finances to pay 5% then you should think about ways to make it more affordable.

  • You can look at your outgoings and see if there is anything that you can trim from your outgoings.
  • Cut out the luxuries at least for a little while.
  • Look for more income – be creative – sell things you don’t use on ebay, rent out a spare bedroom, get a part-time job.

If in the end you simply cannot afford to pay any more you need to let them know – preferably before you have any payment defaults. They will be more sympathetic to consider reduced payments and suspended interest/charges if you contact them before you miss a payment. If they need to chase you for a payment they won’t be as sympathetic.

If you do not create a constructive dialogue with them to try and sort out your debt they may take you to court. They are more likely to just sell your debt onto a debt management company such as Kensington Finance who will do the debt collection. What happens to reclaim the debt depends largely on how much money you owe, but they are not known to let any debt drop no matter how small it is. We have heard about people being taken to court over non payment of 70p and ending up with a CCJ against them as a result. So do not ignore your debt to Kaleidoscope or it could land you in much bigger problems in the long term.

Simple issues with debt can be easy to fix yourself by taking some simple measures if you debt is for a small amount and with only one creditor. In such circumstances it could be easier for you to sort your debt out with a free debt agency such as the CAB or StepChange. If however you have debts with a number of creditors and the amount you owe is more than £2,500 it may be better to go to a proper debt management company. They will act as you advocate with your creditors, helping you to cut contact with them so they are not constantly calling you and sending annoying letters. They will also be able to freeze interest on you outstanding debts as well as prevent any further legal action or debt collectors calling at your home.

If you are having problems with Kaleidoscope you can get help quickly – just fill in this form and if you qualify you will be contacted quickly and your debt will be managed directly without you having to worry about anything.

Complaining About A Kaleidoscope Account

Any complaints should be sent in the first instance to Kaleidoscope to give them an opportunity to fix the problem. We have heard that this company is particular bad at responding to customer complaints and many rate their customer services poorly – see our social media advice below.

PO Box 1758
S96 5YA

Tel 0333 200 8018 check out your provider for call costs, as networks may vary.
Lines open 8am – 11pm, 7 days a week

You can also get on social media to vent your disappointment at your treatment – this may get a rapid response. Just tweet them at @Kaleidoscope_UK – compose a well worded tweet telling them how rubbish you have found them  – others are likely to  retweeted – not something most companies like. And this will often get a same day response. You can also facebook your complaint @Kaleidoscope – but remember do not to put any personal details in your complaint to protect your privacy.

More About Grattan PLC

Grattan Plc trading as Kaleidoscope is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No 311340) and holds an Interim Permission (No 006704) in respect of it’s consumer credit activities and subscribes to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Registered Address: 66-70 Vicar Lane, Little Germany, Bradford, BD99 2XG, registered in England and Wales company number 249001. VAT number GB 557 1452 37.

Kaleidoscope have a number of associated websites providing similar services so you can use your Kaleidoscope account with a number of other companies (8 websites – 1 account) and may have debts with them as well – these are

  • Grattan
  • Lascana
  • Bonprix
  • Aspirations
  • Look Again
  • Witt-international
  • Curvissa
  • Swimwear365
  • Clearance365
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