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Creditors cant pay fashion world catalogue debt

Published on July 20th, 2016 | by FinanceLoophole


Can’t Pay Fashion World Debt

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You look great in your new clothes sitting on your new furniture – but unfortunately now you have to pay the bill that Fashion World have sent you. We have seen an increasing number of people coming to us looking for help when Fashion World have started pestering them for payments when they have been unable to pay them due to an unexpected change in their financial circumstances.

If you owe money to Fashion World catalogue and are finding it hard to pay – you are not alone – we can help you out.

Fashion World – a trading name of J D Williams & Company Limited – describes itself as “UK’s leading direct home shopping company” specialise in plus size women’s clothing through its online catalogue and credit store. With credit loans for purchases incurring a 58.7% Apr interest they can be an expensive way to get your clothes unless you pay off your bill in full each month. If you pay by direct debit the interest rate is reduced to 52%. Even this is very high when you compare to the likes of Next Catalogue which has an interest rate of 22.3% or Littlewoods Catalogue which is currently advertising a 0% interest rate on purchases.

Along with their main clothing offerings they also offer a full range of household furnishings and interior decor. It may be too late for you but we would always recommend people to find a cheaper way to revamp their wardrobe.

I Can’t Pay My Fashion World Debt – What Should I Do

cant pay fashion world First thing is don’t panic – we are here to give you some help which will help you to quickly get you out of debt with Fashion World.

As soon as you realise you are not going to be able to pay the debt to Fashion World the best thing you can do is contact them.

They must :-

  • deal with your case sympathetically and;
  • allow you to come to an agreement about an affordable repayment schedule.

If they don’t do that they could be breaking the law.

At the same time you should ask them to suspend the interest payable on your outstanding debt. They are not required by law to do this but if you approach them as soon as you realise you have a payment problem they should consider your request more sympathetically than if you have missed a number of payments without contacting them.

You should always attempt to pay at least the minimum payment on your outstanding credit on your monthly statement. If you do not pay off the minimum amount you owe them – this is normally 1/12 or £5 whichever is the greater. Failure to make the minimum repayment charge will incur an “administration” fee of £12. Any additional charges will be taken from the money you pay into your account before it starts paying off your debt – they will take payments out in this order.

  1. Administration charges – on any previous statement
  2. Credit charges – on any previous statement
  3. Payment protection insurance – on any previous statement
  4. Purchase price of all goods and services – on any previous statement
  5. Purchase price of all goods and services – on the latest statement

If they have to take further steps to recover the money, they may also recover the reasonable costs that Fashion World (J D Williams & Company Limited) or a collection agency have incurred to recover it.

Top 5 Fashion World Catalogue Debt Tips

We recommend these five simple steps :-

  1. Make sure the catalogue debt you are liable for is for the correct amount and that you actually owe it
    It may seem obvious but you need to make sure you are actually responsible for the debt? Is it someone else in the household who is responsible for the debt that you are being charged with? If you are under 18, any credit agreements can’t be enforced against you. That holds true even if you lied about your age to get the credit in the first place. Also, be aware that some catalogue debt may not be enforceable if it was issued unfairly – is the interest being charged fair, did you have enough time to consider the implications of taking on more debt.
  1. Prioritise your debts if you have more than one creditor who you owe money to!
    Have you got multiple debts? – is so you need to prioritise them. Paying off your expensive debts that cost the most and / or  could present severe legal issues. Prioritise things like a mortgage, council tax or secured loans. Smaller debts such as Fashion World catalogue debt could land you in county court (not criminal!) and order you to pay a set amount each month based on what you can afford, but they cannot do anything else.
  1. Don’t put your head in the sand. Talk to your creditors and explain your situation
    If you can’t pay your Fashion World catalogue debt. It can be tempting to ignore all of the phone calls and letters. But you need to make sure you do not ignore them. Let them know you are having difficulties. They may be able to help you; this could be by freezing interest while you sort out financial issues. They will be much more likely to take legal action to get their money back if they believe you are deliberately trying to avoid paying them.
  1. Consider a debt management plan (DMP) in complex cases
    A DMP can be applied to all kinds of debt. A DMP is designed to help people to better manage their debts and allow for an affordable repayment plan; normally done by introducing lower monthly payments. A debt management company will also be able to reduce the number of phone calls you receive from creditors, freeze interest altogether, and cancel late payment charges. If you are looking for a good DMP BrightDebt can help you – just fill in this form with your details and they will get back to you.
  1. Don’t panic!
    If you take the right direction and speak to the right people, your Fashion World catalogue debt doesn’t need to be cripple your finances. One of the important rules of getting out of any kind of debt is to not panic or you could do something that will harm your finances even more. No matter how bad your debt gets, there is always a way out.

Complaining About Fashion World Debt

If you feel that you have been put into debt by Fashion World or you think they have treated you poorly when you have been making every effort to pay them back – you may have cause to make a complaint.

In the first instance you should always make your complaint directly to Fashion World – J D Williams & Company Limited. You should put your complaint in writing and send it to the address below.

JD Williams & Company Limited
Griffin House
40 Lever Street
Manchester M60 6ES.

Registered in England No. 178367.

You could also raise a complaint via their Facebook or twitter – but remember this is a public forum so don’t put any personal information in your complaint.

If you are still not satisfied with their response to your complaint or it takes them more than 8 weeks to resolve, you should consider taking your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You should make your complaint to them within 6 months of Fashion World’s final response letter to you.

JD Williams & Company Limited are supervised under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 by the Financial Conduct Authority of 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HS. (Authorisation No: 311618)

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